Exhibiting at Studio 63 & my Illustration MA

From the 30th July to the 10th August I was lucky enough to exhibit my work along with fellow illustration students at the lovely Studio 73 in Brixton.

Unfortunately due to having a small baby I didn’t manage to get to visit the exhibition, but have been told it went down really well. A big thank you to my fellow exhibitors for taking lots of pictures and of course to Elly  for organising, setting, up, taking down and manning the gallery on occasion too!

Also a big thank you to all you people out there who bought my prints. It’s the first time I’ve put my art out there for sale and I’m really happy that some of you loved it enough to part with your pennies! The lovely people at Studio 73 are also going to stock the prints shown above, and I may even set up and etsy page at some point so keep your eyes peeled!

We’re already thinking about another exhibition, maybe Cambridge this time… if anyone knows of any potential spaces then please let me know.

Well now the exhibition is over and almost summer too… September is drawing near and therefore so is the start of my MA in Children’s book illustration! Can’t wait to get stuck in at ARU and become a mature student!!

In fact I’ve got my first assignment to work on… an illustrated life presentation! I may even post if it comes out well!

So I’m going to be pretty busy in the next few months/years!!! I’ll try and post every now and again but you can see more via my twitter and tumblr accounts.

In the meantime check out Elly’s fantastic cards here, and the latest Studio 73 exhibition if you’re in London town.

Catch you later x


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